Yes, Sensei Yory offers Home Based Lessons As well, around the Philippines.

Instead of one teacher dealing with a class of 20-32 students, Sensei Yory Japanese Language Tutorial are dealing directly with each students with support from an experienced teacher just a phone call away. Within many classrooms, each student has little access to the teacher’s time. Within Home Based Education there is more interaction between adults and children. Problems can readily be perceived and dealt with. If the student  has a question or needs attention, help is more easily available.

Because the incidence of adult input and support is much higher within the home based situation, it is easier to meet individual needs. The pace can also be more easily adapted to the needs of the student. A learner having difficulty can be supported at their own pace. A students finding a section or topic of work can be advanced and extended.

Sensei Yory delivers excellent teachings for one-on-one or group tutorials as well. Sensei Yory is just a phone call away to schedule your home base schedule.