Why study Nihongo at Sensei Yory? Sensei Yory can provide you a quality yet affordable Nihongo Tutorial lessons. The school was founded by Yory sensei on 2009. Yory sensei is affiliated with AFINITE  (Association of Filipino Nihongo Teachers in the Philippines ), and JLPT passer N5,N4 and JLPT3.  Sensei Yory Japanese Language Tutorial will meet allContinue reading “LEARN NIHONGO THE EASIEST WAY”


Yes, Sensei Yory offers Home Based Lessons As well, around the Philippines. Instead of one teacher dealing with a class of 20-32 students, Sensei Yory Japanese Language Tutorial are dealing directly with each students with support from an experienced teacher just a phone call away. Within many classrooms, each student has little access to theContinue reading “HOME BASED JAPANESE TUTORIAL”

Japanese Language tutors for a Company

Are you  a Japanese businessman dealing with the Filipino worker who cant speak Japanese ? Are you having  a business  company with a Japanese people ? Do you own a business or do you hire workers for a business using Japanese language ? Would you like to have your employees speak, read and write betterContinue reading “Japanese Language tutors for a Company”


Hire a professional Japanese translator When looking for Japanese translation services, it’s important to compare the services offered by several different companies. Sensei Yory Japanese Language Tutorial  understands this and offers a large selection of translation services all over the United States. What to consider when hiring a Japanese translator: Does the Japanese translator holdContinue reading “JAPANESE TRANSLATION/INTERPRETER SERVICES”