PHOTO CREDITS FROM : Jellyfish Education Consultancy 

Ellen Tejano was a student from Sensei Yory Japanese Language Tutorial Center who like many others dreamed of working in Japan. She was a college student who shut her ears from advices that she won’t make it.

Like many students, we all wanted the best of education and the best for our future. This made her worked even harder to achieve to goal that she want which is to work in Japan.

She studied a 150 hours course from Sensei Yory Japanese Language and was endorsed to Jelly Fish for an interview. She was interviewed by the School’s Principal in Japan and passed it seamlessly. She waited for 3 months for her visa to be released.

In order for you to be approved and passed, you will need to have a total of 150 hours of language lesson which she got the certificate from Sensei Yory.

She is now working while studying in Japan full-time with visa.

Sensei Yory paved her way to achieving her goals and pushed her achieve the impossible.

Do the impossible! What Ellen had achieve, you can too! If you want to know more about how you can get to work in Japan while studying. Contact us! We’ll pave the way to your brighter future!

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