Philippines, Manila –(SYJLT)—07/07/2014 – Sensei Yory Japanese Tutorial Center have curriculum ready for companies who wishes to have their employees learn the basic language of Nihongo.

The fastest growing tutorial center have formulated a curriculum based on the needs of employers and targeted the learning style and have adjusted the teaching style for employees to better understand the importance of learning the basics of Nihongo for their work.

“That’s actually our goal. To align our teaching materials to the learning style of the employees who are required to study Nihongo lessons for their work. I’ve put endless research and studies to achieve this lesson proposal to companies who requires their employees to learn Japanese Language” Said Sensei Yory, Founder of SYJLT.

Their center had taught many large companies that caters Japan products or deals with Japan and requires having a basic understanding of the language. They have taught Engineers, Teachers, Students who wishes to study or work in Japan and had offered translation services as-well. They have merge these experience with the new curriculum that the tutorial center offers.

Are you a company who requires a Japanese Teacher to teach your employees?

Contact us now to know more about our services.





Published by Yorisensei

Graduate of La Consolacion College of the Philippines 1989 Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Management Work as Writer Researcher and Event Coordinator at Department of Education and Culture Centennial Commissions 1996-1998 Tokyo Japan 1999-2008 Japanese Language Proficiency Test Passer Japan Foundation Makati City Practice Teaching Course February 11~ mach 23,2010 Practice Teaching Advanced Course April 13~ April 27,2010 Practice Teaching Course TM 1 Holder

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