Nihongo Conversational Course

We are teaching Japanese language and Culture from Beginner , Intermediate and Advance level

Our clients come from all walks of life and include CEOs and corporate executives, writers, artists, musicians,  TV personalities ,owners and employees of small businesses, students, call center practitioners and anyone else who needs to speak Japanese language .

Their reasons for study include international relocation, business and personal travel, local business, educational and training requirements, career advancement, and personal enrichment.

Special courses 

A. Nihongo Conversational part 1

36 hours

We used romanize  Japanese in class

Nihongo Conversational part 2

36 hours

We used romanize  Japanese in class

B. Japanese Language for Business Conversation

What to learn after the course :

Can understand the main point of clear understand input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work and in business meetings   ,etc. Can produce simple connected text on which are familiar  topics or of personal interest . Can experience and events ,dreams and hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

Can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the Japanese language  is spoken .can explain viewspointon a topical issues  giving the advantages  and disadvantageous of various options .

-Business conversation

– Grammar explanation

– Writing hiragana and katakana

– 2 months , 3 hour per session , 72 hours

Student can choose their available schedule

To enroll click :






Published by Yorisensei

Graduate of La Consolacion College of the Philippines 1989 Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Management Work as Writer Researcher and Event Coordinator at Department of Education and Culture Centennial Commissions 1996-1998 Tokyo Japan 1999-2008 Japanese Language Proficiency Test Passer Japan Foundation Makati City Practice Teaching Course February 11~ mach 23,2010 Practice Teaching Advanced Course April 13~ April 27,2010 Practice Teaching Course TM 1 Holder

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